Frame Size: 25" x 35"
Size: 20" x 30"

"USS Constellation vs French L'Insurgente"

by James Hardy lll (British b. 1937) SOLD

Oil on board

Signed lower right

Description: USS Constellation vs French L'Insurgente. On February 9, 1799, the USS Constellation engaged and captured the French L'Insurgente. This was the first United States naval victory against a foreign naval vessel.

The previous year an undeclared war had begun between the United States and France due to French privateering practices against American ships.
An American squadron, under commodore Thomas Tuxtun, was patrolling the waters between Puerto Rico and St. Kits with orders to engage any French forces they found in the area.
Captain Tuxtun was sailing independent of his squadron in the Constellation, his flagship, when he met and engaged the L'Insurgente. After chasing the French vessel for over an hour, Tuxtun forced the French into engagement. The battle lasted an hour and fifteen minutes with the French suffering heavy damage and casualties. They were forced to surrender, were captured, and taken to St. Kits were L'Insurgente was commissioned into the US Navy.

Artist Profile: James Hardy lll is a Britis artist, born in 1937, who shows explicit detail in his marine paintings. He has had numerous works commissioned by many marine art collectors. His works are considered an excellent investment as they will continue to appreciate in value.

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