Frame Size: 28" x 38"
Size: 20" x 30"

"US Grand Turk vs HM Hinchinbrooke" SOLD

by James Hardy lll (British b. 1937)

Oil on board

Signed lower right

Description: US Grand Turk vs HM Hinchinbrooke   May 1, 1814.  At 1:00 pm on May 1st, the Grand Turk, under the command of Captain Holton J. Breed, encountered the Royal West India mail-packet Hinchinbrooke, homeward bound from the West Indies to England.

According to Capt. Breed’s log, the Grand Turk hoisted English colors and chased the Hinchinbrooke until she was within musket shot, then she took down the English colors and struck her American colors. The Hinchinbrooke fired on the Americans, then broadsides were exchanged, and the engagement continued until 6:30 pm.

Breed reported that the British ship had been severely damaged with 10 - 20 shot holes in her hull, while his ship had none. Breed lost two men and the British the same.

However, the British tell a different story. Captain James of the Hinchinbrooke reported that the British did not fire first and that the initial broadsides took place at the same time. He also reported that the Americans attempted to board, twice, but were repelled by the netting and fierce fighting of the small band of British.

James continued that the Americans abandoned their attempts to board and being faster, shot ahead of the British. James luffed under her stern and raked the Grand Turk with three shots from port. This shook off the enemy’s hold and the Americans hauled northward and abandoned the attack.

Artist Profile: James Hardy lll is a British artist, born in 1937, who shows explicit detail in his marine paintings. He has had numerous works commissioned by many marine art collectors. His works are considered an excellent investment as they will continue to appreciate in value.


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