Frame Size: 47" x 57"
Size: 40" x 50"


by John Bentham Dinsdale (1927-2008)

Oil on Canvas

Description:  The “Thessalus” was the largest and fastest of all ships built by Barclay, Curle & Co. She was launched in July of 1874 at the height of the boom in iron clipper ships. She carried jute, wool, grain and livestock.

Her fastest passage was from Portland to Queenstown. 98 days out, she averaged 300 miles per day at an average of 10.1 knots.

In 1898 she was sold to the Swedes and worked in the Baltic and Australian timber trade.

The grand old ship was finally broken up five years before the war.


Artist Profile:  Carrying on the storied tradition of more than 300 years of British sea painters, John Bentham-Dinsdale is an exacting scholar of the famous ships of the past. 

Bentham-Dinsdale studied architecture and design at Leeds University,  He was a commissioned officer and pilot in the royal air force during World War II. He had always painted, but took to it as his sole occupation in 1965. A founding member of the British Sea Painters Group in 1970, he exhibited his first one-man show in London in 1974. His work has since been exhibited on nearly every continent including London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Tokyo and Sydney.

Working from preliminary sketches and extensive research of his subjects, Bentham-Dinsdale brings forth exceptional detail and accuracy. Many of his canvases are quite large, yet the sharp details and precise scale are clearly present in his naval and commercial subjects.


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