Frame Size: 28" x 38"
Size: 20" x 30"

"The Great Chase" SOLD

by James Hardy lll (British b. 1937)

Oil on Board      

Signed lower left

Description: USS Constitution July 16-19 1812.
Less than a month after the United States declared war on Great Britain, the USS Constitution, under Capt. Issac Hull, was in route to New York. At 4:00 pm on July 16, off the coast of Egg Harbor, NJ, the crew sighted an unknown ship to the northeast. That ship was joined by four more ships the next morning. Capt. Hull would write; “One frigate astern within about five or six miles, and a line of battle ship, a frigate, a brig, and schooner, about 10 or 12 miles astern and all in chase of us., with a fine breeze and coming up very fast it being nearly calm where we were. Soon after sunrise the wind entirely left us and the ship would not steer...”
Small boats were launched for a painstaking towing operation known as kedging. Small anchors were dropped ahead of the ship, then using the capstan the ship would be pulled forward to the submerged anchors.
By late afternoon on July 18, USS Constitution had a 3-4 mile lead. The sails were shortened in preparation of a small squall. When the British did the same, the Americans unfurled the ships sails, and the Constitution raced away at nearly its top speed of 11 knots.

Artist Profile: James Hardy lll is a British artist, born in 1937, who shows explicit detail in his marine paintings. He has had numerous works commissioned by many marine art collectors. His works are considered an excellent investment as they will continue to appreciate in value.

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