Frame Size: 30" x 42"
Size: 24" x 36"

"The Battle of the Nile" SOLD

by James Hardy lll (British b. 1937)

Oil on Board

Signed Lower Right


Description: Late in the day of August 1, 1798, Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson’s British Fleet sailed into Aboukir Bay off the coast of Egypt in the Mediterranean. To Nelson’s surprise he found Napoleon’s Mediterranean fleet that he had been searching for. The British fleet consisted of 14 ships and carried 1,012 guns. The French fleet, which sat at anchor consisted of 17 ships a carried 1,196 guns.

The French, commanded by Admiral Brueys, was unprepared for battle. After transporting Napoleon’s army from France, along with 200 transport ships, Brueys’ fleet had been left short of water and supplies.

Brueys had arranged his line of warships with his flagship, the 120 gun Orient, in the center.

When the French saw the British Fleet coming around the point, a senior officer urged they sail immediately and meet the attack, but Brueys disagreed, assuming Nelson would not attack at that late an hour.

But with the wind at their back, and under fire from French Batteries, the British fleet rushed down on the French. The battle was underway by 6 p.m.

During the fierce fighting, the Orient was attacked by HMS Swiftsure, who fired into her bow quarter, and HMS Alexander, who raked her stern quarter. HMS Bellerophon and HMS Leander later joined the attack.

At around 9 p.m. the Orient caught fire. The crew had been repainting their ship. Fresh paint covering the hull and tubs of paint and turpentine ignited and fed the flames.

At 10 p.m. The Orient exploded, and the sound could be heard miles inland. All firing ceased, and after a short period of silence, the ships were pelted by falling body parts, timber, and debris.

The battle resumed and the firing finally ended at 3 p.m. on August 2nd.

The French had been completely overwhelmed; suffering 5,225 casualties and 3,105 captured, compared to a loss of 895 British.

Admiral Brueys died on the quarterdeck before the explosion, and Sir Nelson’s reputation as a European sea commander had been secured.

Artist Profile: James Hardy lll is a British artist, born in 1937, who shows explicit detail in his marine paintings. He has had numerous works commissioned by many marine art collectors. His works are considered an excellent investment as they will continue to appreciate in value.

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