Frame Size: 24" x 30"
Size: 18" x 24"

"Grand Turk" SOLD

by James Hardy lll (British b. 1937)

Oil on Board

Signed Lower Right

Description: The Massachusetts Privateer Brig Grand Turk was the third ship built of that name. Built in Wiscasset, Maine as a privateer, she was purchased by a group of Boston and Salem, MA businessmen including Elias Hasket Derby.
She was fitted with 18 guns and was launched in late 1812. In late January of 1813 she was commissioned by President Madison to "cruise against the enemies of the United States."
Privateers were an important part of the naval effort in the war of 1812, as the formal US Navy was minuscule compared to that of the British. Grand Turk proved to be one of the most successful privateers.
By the end of the war she had captured 30 enemy vessels. Her most notable battle was against the West India packet Hinchinbrooke (see the painting of that name).
After the war Grand Turk was sold for $8,000, and had a successful tour as a merchantman until she was sold in Havana in 1816 and disappeared from history.

Artist Profile: James Hardy lll is a British artist, born in 1937, who shows explicit detail in his marine paintings. He has had numerous works commissioned by many marine art collectors. His works are considered an excellent investment as they will continue to appreciate in value.

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