Frame Size: 30" x 48"
Size: 24" x 42"

"HMS Warrior" SOLD

by English School W.R. Beverley

Oil on canvas

Signed lower left and initialed R.A. (Royal Academy)

Description: HMS Warrior was the name ship of her class of two armoured frigates built for the Royal Navy in 1859-1861. She and her sister ship HMS Black Prince were the first armour-plated, and iron-hulled warships. Warrior spent her active career with the Channel Fleet and was hulked in 1883 after having been in 1st class reserve since 1875. She served as a storeship and depot ship before being assigned to the Royal Navy's torpedo training school in 1904. The ship was converted into a floating oil jetty in 1927 and remained in that role until 1979 when her restoration began. Listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, she is now a museum ship in Portsmouth, England.

Artist Profile: 
William Roxby Beverley (1811 - 1889) was primarily known for his water color landscapes and scenery sketches. This is a rare oil on canvas of a maritime scene.

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